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Dear MAAC Member,

            Thank you for attending our November show.  Attendance was brisk most of the day on Saturday and everyone seemed to be having a good show.  We had about the same number of tables as the 2017 November show.  Thank you to all table holders who have put new stock on their tables for sale.  Many customers mentioned this to me and indicated the show was interesting and fun because there were lots of new things to look at and purchase.  We hope your Friday set up went smoother than at the September show.  The date for the September 2019 show has been changed so we will not have the same set up problem again.  Thank you for your understanding and patience with the confusion.

            Thanks to our recent display individuals: Mr. Bob Whiteaker for “British Military Weapons WWII”; Mr. and Mrs. James Cassell for “Iron Products made in Michigan from the U.P. Mines”; and Mr. Paul Breakey for “Grenade Launching Rifles”.  MAAC would like to thank you all for your enthusiastic discussion of the displays with the public.  The February 2019 show will be featuring Tracie Hill with “The Thompson Automatic Machine Gun” display and Lt. Mike Kline from the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office with “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” display.  Please pass the word.  These are very popular displays.


Board Notes:

  • MAAC membership expires on December 31st. Check your cards and renew ASAP.
  • Please continue to monitor the road construction updates.
  • Purchase your tables early.
  • Always wear ID badges.
  • Please tie all breach loading weapons and secure all loose ammo.
  • No loaded weapons allowed in the show!!
  • Remove your vehicles from the show quickly after unloading.
  • Table location change must be made with Greg Zemsta in advance of the show.
  • On Sunday please do not put the venue carts behind your tables
  • Show dates for 2019 at Suburban Show place are: February 2-3, April 27-28, September 28-29 and November 30-December 1
  • We are always looking for displays.  If interested contact Johnny Bassett. ​
  • Check www.michiganantiquearms.com for any lastminute show updates.

Thank you for your interest and support.  Have a great Christmas holiday. See you in February.
G. Christmann
MAAC President (586-286-3905)   

Our recommended hotel, Revised, Holiday Inn becoming Comfort Inn Suites (248-477-7800) $85 per night with breakfast for $10.


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