Dear MAAC Member,

             We hope you enjoyed our April show.  Our attendance was up about 200 from the April 2017 show.  We had about 330 tables sold.  Traffic was brisk on Saturday and many table holders reported good sales.  MAAC would like to apologize for any inconvenience the construction caused.  Our Show Manager reported the noise level and fumes to management and voiced our displeasure.  We thank you again for your understanding and concern over the matter.  We have been assured that it will not happen again.  The new addition will be finished shortly.
            Many positive comments were heard regarding our displays.  I’m always amazed at the number and quality of displays we have available at each show.  It’s truly a testament to MAAC and our members and their outstanding collections.  Individuals hosting he displays are always willing to discuss and inform the public about their exhibits.  MAAC is truly a teaching club and it makes me proud to be President of such a fine antique arms organization.
            MAAC would like to thank the following individuals for their outstanding displays: Mr. Larry Serdoner for “Weapons of the Spanish American War 1898”; Mr. Paul M.R. Breakey for “New Zealand’s Military Long Arms 1880 – 1950”; Mr. Rich Glaz for “Weapons from the movie, “All or Nothin”; Mr. and Mrs. James Cassell for “Eclectic Stuff”; Mr. Melvin Mathias for “Native Americans in the U.S. Service”; and Mr. Dan Kurkowski for “Remington-Springfield Connection in WWII 1941-1945”.  Thank you for all your time and effort.
Board Notes:

  • Reminder for all 2018 shows: I-696 West will be under construction from I-94 to Telegraph.  Please use an alternate route.
  • Purchase your tables early.  Membership dues are currently $40.
  • If you are interested in a board of director’s position contact Secretary Joyce Christmann.
  • Wear your ID badge at the show.
  • Tie all breach loading weapons and secure all ammo.
  • No loaded weapons allowed in the show!!
  • Please display antique, sporting and target arms.
  • Do not drive your vehicle through the roll up doors before the end of the show
  • If you want a table location change contact Greg Zemsta in advance of the show.
  • If you are interested in displaying your collection contact John Bassett. 

Look for the 102nd Encampment display for the September show.  Have a great summer!!
G. Christmann
MAAC President (586-286-3905)   

Our recommended hotel, Revised, Holiday Inn becoming Comfort Inn Suites (248-477-7800) $85 per night with breakfast for $10.


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