Jennifer Taylor for Camp Liberty

Jim and Roberta Cassell for "Tools of the Trade - Logging"

Johnny Bassett for "Colt Flat Tops"

John Bassett for "1861 Navy - S.N. 15"

Larry Serdoner and Jim Pence for "Spanish American War Camp Life"

Dan Kurkowski for "Firearms Safety

Michigan Antique Arms Collectors, Inc

The Quality Show of the Midwest

November 2016     (Click on a thumbnail to view the picture.)

April 2016     (Click on a thumbnail to view the picture.)

Bob Whiteaker for "British World War II Dispatch Rider"

Dan Kurkowski for "World War II Jeep and Encampment"

Photos by Bob Whiteaker
​(Board Member)
​Article by Joyce Christmann
​(Secretary of MAAC)